Pyrenees Emotions offers you a unique location for training purpose. A location in the middle of the French Pyrenees that offers a variety of trainingfacilities and cares for your relaxation too. You are welcome for different trainings on location for an average stay of three to five days (excluding traveltime). You can have trainingcourses fully adjusted to your needs and that of the company. Feel free to inquire for the possiblilties.


Unique location with a lot of atmosphere

Isolated by nature

Outdoor sporting activities as a physical support

Fair pricing




We live and work in groups. The success of any group is not so much the cumulation of talents and skills of its individual members, but the ability of the group to function as an effective team. (Scott Feyls)


– 6 comfortable rooms, with single boxsprings-beds

– A stylish hall van 80 m2 (restaurant), that can also serve as a meetingroom.

– A garden of 5000 m2 with a wooden saloon (open log-cabin, built in Canadian stile).

– Aids like a beamer, a flip-over and Wifi are available.

– Many active and cultural experiences possible, depending your training.

– Coaches and trainers of your own organisation can offer the training, or Pyrenees Emotions can supply the coaching.



  • Joop van Lanen:

Chairman of the Board of Governors of the foundation for Common Admissable Education (ATO)

Richard Dijkstra has been working with “learning by experience” based programs for many years. He studied International Marketing and Management in Groningen and worked for some years abroad. His interest for the human psyche has grown during the years. Not only personal but also professionally. He has followed diverse courses such as; Enneagram model, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psycho physical training (Richard is a Rock and Water trainer) and Transpersonal therapy. Transpersonal therapy is based on bio-energetic, Gestalt therapy, and the in-depth psychology of Jung. Richard practices the art of Aikido since 1998 and uses this art, among other tools, in his work as a powerful metaphor. His key qualities are; making contact, being a good listener, a sharp observer and distinguishing the main points from secondary matters.