Pyrenees Emotions offers customized programs for schools ( outside ) sports related courses.

We offer a perfect location and lots of outdoor locations in the immediate vicinity. Pyrenees Emotions happy to help with the content of a good camp , where students gain a lot of practical experience and personal development go himself . We like to involve students in the organization of the camp . We are willing to establish a competitive price .

Camping facilities . We have a large log cabin ( 60 m2 saloon ), there is a large group room (restaurant ) and / or a large group tent . Teachers can also take certain parts of the program itself . Itself

A ( school ) camp in our eyes more than just a group game or activity . During a group camp are eminently behavioral aspects examined ( as an individual and as a group ) . But not at a table during a challenging physical activity .


The outdoor locations:

– Five suitable areas via ferrata climbing ability .

– 4 suitable kayak and raft trips, the Garonne and the Ger .
– 350 km being put ATB routes .
– 3 suitable canyons .
– Many hike and snowshoe opportunities .
– 2 different tours potholing.

Prices range from € 150 , – to € 250 , – per person , including lodging , food and activities , excluding transport . We work in groups of up to 40 youth camps , exclusive group leaders.

YouTube movie made by dutch students: